3 letter words starting with 'y'
    yada handheld pointer used for reading the Torah in a synagogue
    yaga synthetic gemstone (acronym for yttrium aluminium garnet)
    yahan affirmation
    yakto talk rapidly and trivially
    yam a sweet potato with deep orange flesh that remains moist when baked
    yapto bark sharply or constantly
    yaw an erratic daviation from an intended course
    yay used as an exclamation of joy, approval or elation
    yeaan affirmative
    yenstrong desire, craving or yearning
    yesto answer affirmatively
    yetup to now
    yew a evergreen tree or shrub with flattened needlelike leaves
    yida Jew (offensive slang)
    yinone of two opposing principles of Chinese philosophy
    yipto bark or cry a high-pitched tone
    yob a cruel and rude person
    yon distant but within sight
    yoscalls for attention (plural of YO)
    youreferring to the person being addressed
    yow used to express pleasant or unpleasant surprise
    yukto laugh loudly
    yumexpressing delighted satisfaction
    yumused to express satisfaction at the taste or smell
    yupan affirmative reply
    3 letter words with 'y' in middle
    ayea "yes" vote
    ays"yes" votes or affirmative votes
    ayua small fish
    byea free advance to next round in a competition
    bysa free advancements to next rounds in a competition
    dyeto change the colour of
    eyethe organ of sight
    gymathletic facility equipped for sports or physical training
    gypto swindle or to cheat
    kyea private Korean-American banking club
    kyua novice grade in judo
    lyea strong alkaline solution
    mycfungus; tumor causing combination
    oyea grandchild
    oysgrandchildren (plural of OY)
    pyaa monetary coin of Burma
    pyea book of ecclesiastical rules in the pre-Reformation English church
    pyxa small box or chest
    ryaa Scandinavian handwoven rug
    ryea cereal grass
    tyea chain or rope tied to aship's mast
    tyga large drinking cup withmore than one handle
    wyethe letter "Y"
    3 letter words ending with 'y'
    abyto make amends; to pay a penalty
    anyone or another
    bayto howl
    beya Turkish governor
    boya young male child
    buyto acquire by the payment of money
    caya small low island
    clyto steal
    coyshy and timid
    cryto express sorrow by shedding tears
    day24 hours
    deyan official of the Ottoman Empire
    doya beloved person
    dryhaving no moisture
    fayto join closely
    feyslightly insane
    flytravel in an airplaner
    foya farewell feast or gift
    fryto cook in fat or oil
    goya non-Jewish person
    guyan informal term for a man
    hayto convert cut dried grass into fodder
    heyused to attract attention
    hoya heavy barge or cargo boat
    icycovered with ice; frosty
    ivya climbing evergreen plant
    jaya bird of the crow family
    joyto rejoice
    kaythe letter "K"
    keya device for unlocking
    lay a narrative poem or song
    leya meadow
    loya long narrow spade
    mayto have permission
    naya negative vote
    payto give money or something of value in exchange for goods or services
    plyto bend or fold
    pryto force something to open or detach or extract
    puya small volcanic hill of France
    raya narrow beam of light
    say to utter
    seya cut of beef
    skythe atmosphere and outer space as viewed from the earth
    sny An upward bend in a piece of timber
    soy most highly proteinaceous vegetable crop known
    spyto watch secretly
    stya dirty or messy room
    swyan Australian two-up game
    thya possessive form of the pronoun thou
    toyengage in an activity as if it were for fun rather than take it seriously
    tryto make an effort or attempt
    waya method of doing something
    whythe reason or cause of something
    wry humorously sarcastic or mocking
    yay used as an exclamation of joy, approval or elation

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