3 letter words starting with 'x'
    xisfourteenth letters of the Greek alphabet (plural of XI)
    3 letter words with 'x' in middle
    axea type of cutting tool
    oxocontaining oxygen
    3 letter words ending with 'x'
    boxto put in a container
    coxto direct a racing boat
    dexshort for Dexedrine, a sulfate used as a stimulant
    duxa military leader of Roman Empire
    faxto transmit and reproduce by electronic means
    fixto repair
    foxto outwit
    hexan evil spell
    hoxto hock or hamstring
    laxnot strict or stringent
    lexthe law
    loxliquid oxygen
    luxunit of illumination
    maxto reach the upper limit
    mixto combine together
    muxto spoil, mess
    nixreject authoritatively
    noxnitrogen oxide; Roman goddess of night
    paxa kiss of peace and Christian love
    pox a contagious disease
    pyxa small box or chest
    raxto stretch out
    rexa king
    saxa saxophone
    sex one of the two categories (male or female) into which most organisms are divided
    sixthe number after five
    sox knitted or woven coverings for the foot
    taxto impose a charge for public purposes
    tux semiformal evening dress or dinner jacket for men
    vexto annoy
    voxa voice
    wax to grow larger
    zaxa tool for cutting roof slates

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