3 letter words starting with 'w'
    wada pile of bundle
    wan to become pale and sickly
    wapto wrap
    war a conflict against an enemy or many enemies
    wasbe (past tense od IS)
    wat a Thai or Combodian Buddhist temple
    waw the 6th letter of the Hebrew alphabet
    wax to grow larger
    waya method of doing something
    webto envelop with a net-like structure
    wedto marry
    weevery small
    wena tumor of the skin
    wetto moisten
    whowhich person
    whythe reason or cause of something
    wigartificial hair
    winto be victorious
    witintelligence or mental capability
    wiza very clever or skillful person
    woetremendous grief; misery
    woga dark-skinned foreigner (offensive British slang)
    wok a frying pan used in Chinese cooking
    won the basic unit of money in South Korea
    wooto seek the affection of
    wopItalian (offensive slang)
    wotto have a true understanding of; to know
    wowto impress or amaze
    wry humorously sarcastic or mocking
    wudinsane; mentally unsound
    wyethe letter "Y"
    3 letter words with 'w' in middle
    awereverential fear
    awla pointed tool for making holes
    awna bristle-like appendage of certain grasses
    cwma steep-walled semicircular basin in a mountain
    ewea female sheep
    ewkto itch
    ewta newt
    iwia large Maori tribe
    oweto be under obligation to pay
    owla nocturnal bird
    ownto have as a possession
    swyan Australian two-up game
    3 letter words ending with 'w'
    bowto bend forward in greeting
    cawto cry like a crow
    cowto intimidate
    dawto dawn
    dewto moisten as with dew
    dowto prosper
    fewnot many
    hawto turn left
    hewto cut with rough blows
    howa method of doing something
    jawto chatter at length
    jewa follower of Judaism
    jowto ring a bell
    law a rule or body of rules of conduct that people are required to follow
    lewmoderately warm; tepid
    lowclose to the ground
    mewto shut within an enclosure; confine
    mowto cut down standing herbage
    newhaving recently made or acquired or discovered
    nowpresent time
    paw a clawed foot of an animal especially a quadruped
    pewa bench for seating people in church
    powan explosive sound
    raw not processed; unrefined
    row to propel through water with oars
    sawto cut with a jagged edge tool
    sewto mend or fasten with a needle and thread
    sow place seeds in or on the ground for future growth
    tawto convert skin into white leather by the application of minerals
    tewworried or agitated state of mind
    towto pull by means of a rope or chain
    vowto make a solemn promise
    waw the 6th letter of the Hebrew alphabet
    wowto impress or amaze
    yaw an erratic daviation from an intended course
    yew a evergreen tree or shrub with flattened needlelike leaves
    yowused to express pleasant or unpleasant surprise

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