3 letter words starting with 'v'
    vaga vagrant
    vana large motor vehicle
    vara unit of reactive power
    vasa duct carrying liquid
    vat a large open container for holding or storing liquids
    vauan obsolete Greek letter
    vavthe sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet
    veethe letter "V"
    vegto relax
    vetto examine closely
    vexto annoy
    viaby the way of
    vida video
    vieto contend in rivalry
    viga vigorish
    visa force; power
    vowto make a solemn promise
    voxa voice
    vuga small cavity in a rock
    3 letter words with 'v' in middle
    avaa tropical plant
    avean expression of greeting or farewell
    avoa monetary unit of Macao
    ivya climbing evergreen plant
    ovaan egg; the female reproductive cell of animals
    uvaagrape-like fruit or berry
    3 letter words ending with 'v'
    deva Hindu god
    divan evil spirit of Persian mythology
    gova governor
    guvan informal term used for 'sir'
    lav a room equipped with toilet facilities
    levthe monetary unit of Bulgaria
    luva term of endearment; sweetheart
    pava meringue dessert
    revto increase the rate of revolution of a motor
    tavthe 23rd letter of the Hebrew alphabet
    vavthe sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet

    3 letter words with