3 letter words starting with 'u'
    udoa Japanese herb
    ufoan unidentified flying object
    ughused to express the sound of a cough or grunt
    ukea small guitar-like instrument with four strings; UKELELE
    ulea Central American tree
    uluan Eskimo kitchen knife
    ummexpressing doubt or hesitation
    ump an official at a baseball game; umpire
    unsones (plural of UN)
    upsupward movements (plural of UP)
    urda bean grown in India
    urna rounded, decorative container
    useto put into service
    utaa genus of large lizards
    utea utility vehicle
    utsthe musical tones C in the French solemnization system (plural of UT)
    utua Maori retribution or retaliation
    uvaa grape-like fruit or berry
    3 letter words with 'u' in middle
    auaMaori name for the yellow-eye mullet
    auean exclamation of pain, distress or astonishment
    aufan elf's child
    auka type of sea-bird
    bubyoung fellow
    budan unopened flower
    bugto annoy
    bumof little value; worthless
    buna small bread roll
    burto remove a rough edge from
    busa large motor vehicle
    butcontrary to expectation
    buyto acquire by the payment of money
    cubthe young of tiger or bear or lion
    cudfood chewed again by a ruminating animal
    cueto give a signal
    cumtogether with
    cupto put into a small, open container
    cura mongrel dog
    cutto make an incision; to reduce
    cuza cousin
    dubto add sound effects to
    duda bomb that fails to explode
    duesomething that is owed
    dugthe teat or udder of a female mammal
    duhinterjection expressing patent obviousness of a preceding statement
    duidriving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    dundull brown color
    duoa pair of people
    dupto open
    duxa military leader of Roman Empire
    fuda rabbit or hare's tail
    fugan airless smoky smelly atmosphere
    furto cover with a dressed animal pelt
    guea violin used in Shetland
    gula design in oriental rugs or carpets
    gumthe tissue of the jaws that surrounds the bases of the teeth
    guna weapon that discharges a missile at high velocity
    gupfoolish talk
    gurjaggery (a type of dark brown sugar that you buy in solid pieces)
    gutto remove the intestines of
    guvan informal term used for 'sir'
    guyan informal term for a man
    hubthe centre of a wheel
    huea colour or tint
    hugto grasp with both arms
    huhused to express surprise
    huian association or a club
    humto sing without opening the lips or saying words
    huna barbaric, destructive person
    hupto turn a horse to the right
    huta simple shelter
    juga container with a narrow mouth and a handle
    juna Korean monetary unit
    jusa law or legal right
    jutto protrude
    kuethe letter "Q"
    lugto carry or pull with effort
    luma chimney
    lura Scandinavian trumpet
    luva term of endearment; sweetheart
    luxunit of illumination
    luza bone
    mudto cover with soft wet earth
    mugto assault with an intent to rob
    muna man; fellow
    mus12letters of Greek alphabet (plural of MU)
    muxto spoil, mess
    nuba lump or small piece
    nuna woman belonging to a religious order
    nus13th letters of the Greek alphabet(plural of NU)
    nuthard-shelled dry fruit
    ouda stringed instrument of northern Africa
    ouka period of seven days; a week
    ourbelonging to us
    outaway from an area, town, or country
    puba place where liquor is sold to be drunk on the premises
    pudhand of a child
    puga footprint of a wild animal
    pula monetary coin of Afghanistan
    punto make a play on words
    pupyoung of any of various canines such as a dog or wolf
    purthe low, murmuring sound made by a cat to express contentment or pleasure
    pusa viscous fluid formed in infected tissue
    putto place in a particular position
    puya small volcanic hill of France
    quaas (in the capacity of or in the role)
    rubto apply friction
    rudto make or become red
    rueto regret
    ruga small carpet
    ruman alcoholic liquor
    runto move by rapid steps
    ruta groove or furrow
    suba submersible warship
    sudfroth of soapy water
    sueto institute legal proceedings against
    sumthe whole amount
    sunany star around which a planetary system evolves
    supto take liquid into the mouth
    suqa marketplace in northern Africa and the Middle East
    surabove; on
    susa genus of mammals
    tuba large open vessel for holding or storing liquids
    tugto pull forcibly
    tuia bird of New Zealand
    tuma stomach
    tuna large cask
    tupuncastrated adult male sheep; ram
    tutto express disbelief, disappointment or annoyance
    tuxsemiformal evening dress or dinner jacket for men
    vuga small cavity in a rock
    wudinsane; mentally unsound
    yukto laugh loudly
    yumexpressing delighted satisfaction
    yumused to expresssatisfaction at the taste or smell
    yupan affirmative reply
    zuzan ancient Hebrew silver coin
    3 letter words ending with 'u'
    amuatomic mass unit
    ayua small fish
    brua friend
    crua vineyard
    emua flightless Australian bird
    feuland tenure under Scottish feudal law
    flua virus disease
    gaua Nazi political district
    gnua large antelope
    jeua game
    kyua novice grade in judo
    leua monetary unit of Romania
    piumore used as a musical direction
    sou a very small amount of money
    tauthe 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet
    uluan Eskimo kitchen knife
    utua Maori retribution or retaliation
    vauan obsolete Greek letter
    youreferring to the person being addressed

    3 letter words with