3 letter words starting with 't'
    tabthe bill in a restaurant
    tada small amount
    tagto provide with an identifying marker
    tai a group of people in southeast Asia
    taja tall conical cap worn by Muslims
    tamA tight-fitting Scottish cap
    tan a browning of the skin resulting from exposure to the rays of the sun
    tao the ultimate principle of the universe
    tap a light touch or stroke
    tar a thick black viscid substance
    tasexpressions meaning thank you (plural of TA)
    tat make lacework by knotting or looping
    tauthe 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet
    tavthe 23rd letter of the Hebrew alphabet
    tawto convert skin into white leather by the application of minerals
    taxto impose a charge for public purposes
    teaa beverage made by infusing dried leaves in boiling water
    tec an officer who investigates crimes
    tedto spread something for drying
    teeto place a golf ball on a small peg
    tega sheep in its second year
    tenthe cardinal number that is the sum of nine and one
    tes syllables naming the seventh note of any musical scale (plural of TE)
    tet Vietnamese new year
    tewworried or agitated state of mind
    thearticle used to specify or make particular
    thya possessive form of the pronoun thou
    ticaninvoluntary muscular contraction especially in the face
    tida girl; a mood
    tieto fasten
    tiga touch; a poke
    tilthe sesame plant
    tina metal container for storing
    tip to give some helpful advice or information
    tisseventh tones of the diatonic musical scale (plural of TI)
    tita small bird
    toda unit of weight of wool equal to 28 pounds
    toe one of the digits of the human foot
    togto provide with clothing
    tom a male cat; a male turkey
    tona unit of weight
    tooalso; in addition
    topto surpass
    tora high, craggy hill
    tot a young child
    towto pull by means of a rope or chain
    toy engage in an activity as if it were for fun rather than take it seriously
    tryto make an effort or attempt
    tskto express annoyance, disappointment or sympathy
    tub a large open vessel for holding or storing liquids
    tugto pull forcibly
    tuia bird of New Zealand
    tuma stomach
    tun a large cask
    tup uncastrated adult male sheep; ram
    tutto express disbelief, disappointment or annoyance
    tux semiformal evening dress or dinner jacket for men
    tyea chain or rope tied to a ship's mast
    tyga large drinking cup with more than one handle
    3 letter words with 't' in middle
    ateblind impulse or reckless ambition that drives one to ruin
    atta monetary unit of Laos
    etaa letter of the Greek alphabet
    ethan Old English letter
    itsthe possessive form of the pronoun it
    nthutmost; extreme
    stya dirty or messy room
    utaa genus of large lizards
    utea utility vehicle
    utsthe musical tones C in the French solemnization system (plural of UT)
    utua Maori retribution or retaliation
    3 letter words ending with 't'
    actto do something
    aitsmall island in lake or river
    alta high musical note
    antan insect
    aptappropriate or suitable
    artskill acquired by experience
    atta monetary unit of Laos
    batto hit a ball
    betto risk money or property on an uncertain outcome
    bitto curb or restrain
    botthe larva of a botfly
    butcontrary to expectation
    catto raise an anchor
    cita dishonourable man
    cota light, narrow bed
    cutto make an incision; to reduce
    dita poem
    dotto make a very small spot
    eatto consume by mouth
    efta newt in its terrestrial stage of development
    ewta newt
    fathaving an abundance of flesh
    fithealthy, suitable
    gata gangster's pistol
    getto obtain or acquire
    gita despicable or contemptible person
    gotto obtain (past tense of GET)
    gutto remove the intestines of
    hatto provide with a covering for the head
    hetmade warm or hot
    hitto strike
    hothaving a high temperature
    huta simple shelter
    jetto spurt a stream of liquid
    jotto note quickly
    jutto protrude
    katan evergreen shrub
    ket rotting flesh (carrion)
    kitto equip
    lat a broad flat muscle on either side of the back
    letto allow
    lit set afire
    lotto allot or distribute
    matto pack into a dense mass
    metto come into the company or presence of
    mota witty saying
    nata class of spirits in Burmese folklore
    neta mesh made to catch fish or birds
    nit the egg of a louse or other parasite
    notin no way
    nuthard-shelled dry fruit
    oata kind of grass with edible seeds
    oftfrequently; often
    orta scrap of food; morsel
    out away from an area, town, or country
    patto stroke gently
    petto caress with the hand
    pita large hole in the ground
    pota round, fairly deep container
    putto place in a particular position
    rat one who reveals confidential information in return for money
    retto soften by soaking
    ritto scratch with a sharp instrument
    rotto decay
    rut a groove or furrow
    satto rest on the buttocks (past tense of SIT)
    setto put in a particular position
    sitto rest on the buttocks
    sotan habitual drunkard
    tat make lacework by knotting or looping
    tet Vietnamese new year
    tita small bird
    tot a young child
    tutto express disbelief, disappointment or annoyance
    vat a large open container for holding or storing liquids
    vetto examine closely
    wat a Thai or Combodian Buddhist temple
    wetto moisten
    witintelligence or mental capability
    wotto have a true understanding of; to know
    yetup to now
    zita pimple

    3 letter words with