3 letter words starting with 's'
    saca pouchlike structure in an animal or plant
    sagto bend or sink downward from weight or pressure
    sala large Indian tree
    sana former Greek letter
    sapto drain of energy
    satto rest on the buttocks (past tense of SIT)
    sawto cut with a jagged edge tool
    saxa saxophone
    say to utter
    sea the vast body of salt water that covers most of the earth's surface
    sec (of champagne) moderately dry
    seeto observe with the eyes
    seg A castrated bull or boar
    seia whale
    sena Japanese monetary unit
    sera unit of weight in India
    setto put in a particular position
    sewto mend or fasten with a needle and thread
    sex one of the two categories (male or female) into which most organisms are divided
    seya cut of beef
    she a female person or thing
    shhused to urge silence
    siba blood relation
    sicto incite a dog to attack
    sinto commit a moral offence
    sip to drink in small quantities
    sira respectful form of address used to a man
    sisa sister
    sitto rest on the buttocks
    sixthe number after five
    skaJamaican music similar to reggae
    skito glide on snow
    sky the atmosphere and outer space as viewed from the earth
    smaof limited size or quantity
    sny An upward bend in a piece of timber
    sobto cry uncontrollably with intermittent breaths
    sod surface layer of ground containing a matt of grass and grass roots
    sogto saturate thoroughly in liquid
    sohfifth note of a musical scale
    solthe fifth tone of the diatonic musical scale
    soma monetary unit of Kyrgyzstan
    sona male child
    sop a concession given to mollify or placate
    sosfifth tones of the scale (plural of SO)
    sotan habitual drunkard
    sou a very small amount of money
    sow place seeds in or on the ground for future growth
    sox knitted or woven coverings for the foot
    soy most highly proteinaceous vegetable crop known
    spaa mineral spring
    spyto watch secretly
    sria Hindu title of respect
    stya dirty or messy room
    sub a submersible warship
    sudfroth of soapy water
    sueto institute legal proceedings against
    sum the whole amount
    sun any star around which a planetary system evolves
    supto take liquid into the mouth
    suqa marketplace in northern Africa and the Middle East
    surabove; on
    sus a genus of mammals
    swyan Australian two-up game
    3 letter words with 's' in middle
    ashto convert to the remains of a burnt product
    askto inquire or request
    aspa venomous snake
    assa hoofed donkey-like animal
    dsoa cross between a yak and a cow
    essthe letter 'S'
    isha Scottish law term for expiry
    isma distinctive theory or doctrine
    osea narrow ridge of gravel and sand
    psia Greek letter
    tskto express annoyance, disappointment or sympathy
    useto put into service
    3 letter words ending with 's'
    aasrough lava (plural of Aa)
    absabdominal muscles
    ahsinterjections expressing sudden delight
    aisthree-toed sloths (plural of AI)
    alsEast Indian trees (plural of AL)
    arsplural of the letter ‘R’
    assa hoofed donkey-like animal
    ays"yes" votes or affirmative votes
    baseternal souls in Egyptian mythology
    besthe second letter of the Hebrew alphabet
    busa large motor vehicle
    bysa free advancements to next rounds in a competition
    cishaving atoms on the same side of the molecule
    cosa variety of lettuce
    dasBurmese knives (plural of 'Da')
    disto insult
    dosthe first tone of the diatonic musical scale
    efs"F" letters
    ehsto say "eh" in query
    elsan elevated trains
    ems'M' letters
    enssomething that has a real existence
    ersthe bitter vetch plant
    essthe letter 'S'
    fasa musical note
    gasa state of matter
    gisJudo costumes (plural of GI)
    goschecker games (plural of GO)
    hispossessive case of "he"
    idsidentifications (plural of ID)
    ifsa possibility (plural of IF)
    insplural of IN
    ioscries of joy (plural of IO)
    itsthe possessive form of the pronoun it
    jusa law or legal right
    kasa large cupboard
    kislife forces or spirits (plural of Ki)
    kosan Indian measure of distance
    lassixth tones of the diatonic scale (plural of La)
    lesa female homosexual
    lisa Chinese unit of distance
    masmothers (plural of MA)
    mesthird musical notes in a scale (plural of ME)
    misthird musical notes in a scale (plural of MI)
    mosmoments (plural of MO)
    mus12 letters of Greek alphabet (plural of MU)
    nashas not; was not
    nosnegative replies (plural of NO)
    nus13th letters of the Greek alphabet(plural of NU)
    odshypothetical forces of natural power (plural of OD)
    oeswhirlwinds off the Faroe islands (plural of OE)
    ohsexclamations of surprise or exultation (plural of OH)
    omsmantras (plural of OM)
    ons in operations (plural of ON)
    oos Hawaiian birds (plural of OO)
    ops abstract arts (plural of OP)
    orsthe heraldic colors gold (plural of OR)
    oysgrandchildren (plural of OY)
    pasa dance step
    pesa foot or footlike part
    pis16th letters of Greek alphabet (plural of PI)
    pusa viscous fluid formed in infected tissue
    qisQI, a , also KI
    qislife force in Chinese thought (plural if QI)
    rasan Ethiopian prince or ruler
    res a particular thing or matter
    sisa sister
    sosfifth tones of the scale (plural of SO)
    sus a genus of mammals
    tasexpressions meaning thank you (plural of TA)
    tes syllables naming the seventh note of any musical scale (plural of TE)
    tisseventh tones of the diatonic musical scale (plural of TI)
    unsones (plural of UN)
    upsupward movements (plural of UP)
    utsthe musical tones C in the French solemnization system (plural of UT)
    vasa duct carrying liquid
    visa force; power
    wasbe (past tense od IS)
    xisfourteenth letters of the Greek alphabet (plural of XI)
    yesto answer affirmatively
    yoscalls for attention (plural of YO)
    zaspizzas (plural of ZA)
    zoshybrids born to a yak and a cow (plural of ZO)

    3 letter words with