3 letter words starting with 'r'
    rad a unit of absorbed ionizing radiation
    rag a small waste piece of cloth or paper
    rahto express encouragement or excitement with "rah" sound
    raia North African form of folk music
    raj dominion or reign
    ramto strike with great force
    ranto move quickly (past tense of RUN)
    rapto strike sharply
    rasan Ethiopian prince or ruler
    rat one who reveals confidential information in return for money
    raw not processed; unrefined
    raxto stretch out
    raya narrow beam of light
    reba Confederate soldier of US Civil War (Johnny Reb - reb is short for rebel)
    rec recreation
    reda communist
    reeto sift
    ref to referee
    regregulation or registration
    rehan accumulation of salts on soil
    rema unit of radiation dosage
    rep a fabric with prominent rounded crosswise ribs
    res a particular thing or matter
    retto soften by soaking
    revto increase the rate of revolution of a motor
    rexa king
    rhothe 17th letter of the Greek alphabet
    rialong wide creek
    rib a teasing remark
    ridto free or clear from
    rifto lay off employees (reduction in force)
    rig manipulate in a fraudulent manner
    rimto provide with an outer edge
    rina Japanese monetary coin
    ripto tear apart roughly
    ritto scratch with a sharp instrument
    rizto get up (past tense of RISE)
    robto steal
    roca mythical bird
    rod a long slender bar
    roe the eggs of a fish
    rok a member of the South Korean armed forces
    roma male gypsy
    rooan Australian marsupial (short for kangaroo)
    rotto decay
    row to propel through water with oars
    rubto apply friction
    rudto make or become red
    rue to regret
    rug a small carpet
    ruman alcoholic liquor
    runto move by rapid steps
    rut a groove or furrow
    ryaa Scandinavian handwoven rug
    ryea cereal grass
    3 letter words with 'r' in middle
    arba type of stock trader
    arcto move in a curved course
    arda primitive plough
    area unit of surface area equal to 100 square meters
    arfa barking sound
    arka large boat
    armto provide with weapons
    arsplural of the letter ‘R’
    artskill acquired by experience
    braa brassiere
    brobuddy, pal
    brrto show feeling cold
    brua friend
    crua vineyard
    cryto express sorrow by shedding tears
    dryhaving no moisture
    eraa particular period of time
    erebefore; soon
    erfa small plot of land
    erga unit of work
    erkan aircraftsman
    ernan eagle
    errto make a mistake
    ersthe bitter vetch plant
    frareligious title of an Italian monk or friar
    fryto cook in fat or oil
    ireto anger
    irkto annoy
    oraorifices (plural of OS)
    orban object with a spherical shape
    orcan ugly mythical creature
    orea mineral or rock containing a valuable metal
    orfsore mouth
    orsthe heraldic colors gold (plural of OR)
    orta scrap of food; morsel
    proan argument in favor of a proposal
    pryto force something to open or detach or extract
    sria Hindu title of respect
    tryto make an effort or attempt
    urda bean grown in India
    urna rounded, decorative container
    wryhumorously sarcastic or mocking
    3 letter words ending with 'r'
    airto broadcast; to make opinions known publicly
    barto exclude; a unit of pressure
    bora neighbour
    brrto show feeling cold
    burto remove a rough edge from
    caran automobile
    coran ancient unit of measure
    cura mongrel dog
    doran insect
    earthe hearing organ
    errto make a mistake
    farat or to a great distance
    firan evergreen tree
    forin favour of
    furto cover with a dressed animal pelt
    garto compel
    gurjaggery (a type of dark brown sugar that you buy in solid pieces)
    herpossessive case of "she"
    jarA cylindrical vessel
    kiran alcoholic beverage
    kora Hebrew unit of measure
    larRoman tutelary god
    lura Scandinavian trumpet
    marto destroy the perfection of
    mira Russian peasant commune
    mora layer of humus
    norand not
    oarto propel with long, broad-bladed poles
    oorbelonging to us
    ourbelonging to us
    parstandard number of strokes set for a hole or for the entire course in golf
    perfor each
    pira Muslim spiritual guide of Indian subcontinent
    pur the low, murmuring sound made by a cat to express contentment or pleasure
    sera unit of weight in India
    sira respectful form of address used to a man
    surabove; on
    tar a thick black viscid substance
    tora high, craggy hill
    vara unit of reactive power
    wara conflict against an enemy or many enemies

    3 letter words with