3 letter words starting with 'o'
    oafa clumsy, stupid person
    oaka hardwood tree
    oarto propel with long, broad-bladed poles
    oata kind of grass with edible seeds
    obaa hereditary chief of Nigeria
    obi a religious belief of African origin
    oca a South American wood sorrel cultivated for its edible tubers
    ochexpression to express impatience, regret, surprise or anger
    odaa room in a harem
    oddunusual; strange
    odea lyric poem
    odshypothetical forces of natural power (plural of OD)
    oeswhirlwinds off the Faroe islands (plural of OE)
    offto go away
    oftfrequently; often
    ohma unit of electrical resistance
    oho An exclamation of surprise or exultation
    ohsexclamations of surprise or exultation (plural of OH)
    oika rude and stupid person
    oil a slippery or viscous liquid
    okaa Turkish unit of weight
    okea Turkish unit of weight
    oldliving or existing for a relatively long time
    olea shout of approval
    olma cave-dwelling European salamander
    omsmantras (plural of OM)
    onean individual person or thing
    ons in operations (plural of ON)
    oohto exclaim in amazement, joy, or surprise
    oopto bind with thread
    oorbelonging to us
    oos Hawaiian birds (plural of OO)
    opeto open
    ops abstract arts (plural of OP)
    oraorifices (plural of OS)
    orb an object with a spherical shape
    orc an ugly mythical creature
    orea mineral or rock containing a valuable metal
    orfsore mouth
    orsthe heraldic colors gold (plural of OR)
    orta scrap of food; morsel
    osea narrow ridge of gravel and sand
    ouda stringed instrument of northern Africa
    ouka period of seven days; a week
    ourbelonging to us
    out away from an area, town, or country
    ovaan egg; the female reproductive cell of animals
    oweto be under obligation to pay
    owla nocturnal bird
    ownto have as a possession
    oxocontaining oxygen
    oyea grandchild
    oysgrandchildren (plural of OY)
    3 letter words with 'o' in middle
    boaa large constricting snake
    bobto move up and down
    boda body
    bogto impede or obstruct
    boha sound intended to startle somebody
    boia lesbian who adopts a boyish appearance or manners
    boka South African antelope
    booto make a sound expressing disapproval or contempt
    bopto hit or strike
    bora neighbour
    botthe larva of a botfly
    bowto bend forward in greeting
    boxto put in a container
    boya young male child
    cobthe woody core of an ear of corn
    cogto cheat at dice
    cola pass in a mountain range
    conto trick, or cheat by dishonest means
    cooto make a sound like a dove
    copto steal
    coran ancient unit of measure
    cosa variety of lettuce
    cota light, narrow bed
    cowto intimidate
    coxto direct a racing boat
    coyshy and timid
    coza cousin
    dobto inform on or betray
    doca doctor
    dodto cut the hair of
    doea female deer or rabbit
    dogan animal
    doha musical note
    dola unit of pain intensity
    doma title of monks
    donto put on
    dooa dove or pigeon
    dopto immerse briefly into a liquid
    doran insect
    dosthe first tone of the diatonic musical scale
    dotto make a very small spot
    dowto prosper
    doya beloved person
    eonan indefinitely long period of time
    fobto deceive
    foean enemy
    fogto cover with condensed water vapor
    fonA language of Sudan and Togo
    fopa man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance
    forin favour of
    foxto outwit
    foya farewell feast or gift
    goaa Tibetan gazelle
    goba lump of slimey stuff
    godthe object of worship
    gona gondola
    gooa sticky substance
    goschecker games (plural of GO)
    gotto obtain (past tense of GET)
    gova governor
    goya non-Jewish person
    hoato stop
    hoba shelf beside an open fire where something can be kept warm
    hoca card game
    hoda container for carrying bricks or mortar on the shoulders
    hoea tool with a flat blade attached at right angles to a long handle
    hogdomestic swine
    honhoney, as a term of endearment
    hooexpressing boisterous emotion
    hopto jump on one foot
    hothaving a high temperature
    howa method of doing something
    hoxto hock or hamstring
    hoya heavy barge or cargo boat
    ionan electrically charged particle
    ioscries of joy (plural of IO)
    jobto do piece work
    joea fellow
    jogto run at a slow, steady pace
    jotto note quickly
    jowto ring a bell
    joyto rejoice
    koaa Hawaiian acacia
    koban African antelope
    koia large and colorful fish
    konto know
    kopa hill
    kora Hebrew unit of measure
    kosan Indian measure of distance
    lobto throwin a high arc
    logto fell trees
    looa toilet
    lopto cut off unnecessary parts
    lotto allot or distribute
    lowclose to the ground
    loxliquid oxygen
    loya long narrow spade
    moaan extinct flightless bird
    mobto crowd about
    mocsoft leather heelless shoe (moccasin)
    modone who wears stylish clothes
    mogto move away
    moia Hawaiian ruler
    molunit of quantity in chemistry (mole)
    moma mother
    mooto make the deep, moaning sound of a cow
    mopto clean with a sponge/cloth on a stick
    mora layer of humus
    mosmoments (plural of MO)
    mota witty saying
    mowto cut down standing herbage
    noba person of high social rank
    nodto move the head in greeting or agreement
    nogstrong ale
    noha traditional Japanese dance-drama
    noma name
    norand not
    nosnegative replies (plural of NO)
    notin no way
    nowpresent time
    noxnitrogen oxide; Roman goddess of night
    oohto exclaim in amazement, joy, or surprise
    oopto bind with thread
    oorbelonging to us
    oosHawaiian birds (plural of OO)
    poaperennial grasses of cool temperate regions
    poda several-seeded dehiscent fruit
    pohused to express disgust or contempt
    poia Hawaiian dish of fermented taro
    pola politician
    poma British person or immigrant in Australia/New Zealand
    pooto defecate; to discharge feces
    popto make a mild explosive sound
    pota round, fairly deep container
    powan explosive sound
    poxa contagious disease
    robto steal
    roca mythical bird
    roda long slender bar
    roethe eggs of a fish
    roka member of the South Korean armed forces
    romamale gypsy
    rooan Australian marsupial (short for kangaroo)
    rotto decay
    rowto propel through water with oars
    sobto cry uncontrollably with intermittent breaths
    sodsurface layer of ground containing a matt of grass and grass roots
    sogto saturate thoroughly in liquid
    sohfifth note of a musical scale
    solthe fifth tone of the diatonic musical scale
    soma monetary unit of Kyrgyzstan
    sona male child
    sopa concession given to mollify or placate
    sosfifth tones of the scale (plural of SO)
    sotan habitual drunkard
    soua very small amount of money
    sowplace seeds in or on the ground for future growth
    soxknitted or woven coverings for the foot
    soymost highly proteinaceous vegetable crop known
    toda unit of weight of wool equal to 28 pounds
    toeone of the digits of the human foot
    togto provide with clothing
    toma male cat; a male turkey
    tona unit of weight
    tooalso; in addition
    topto surpass
    tora high, craggy hill
    tota young child
    towto pull by means of a rope or chain
    toyengage in an activity as if it were for fun rather than take it seriously
    vowto make a solemn promise
    voxa voice
    woetremendous grief; misery
    woga dark-skinned foreigner (offensive British slang)
    woka frying pan used in Chinese cooking
    wonthe basic unit of money in South Korea
    wooto seek the affection of
    wopItalian (offensiveslang)
    wotto have a true understanding of; to know
    wowto impress or amaze
    yoba cruel and rude person
    yondistant but within sight
    yoscalls for attention (plural of YO)
    youreferring to the person being addressed
    yowused to express pleasant or unpleasant surprise
    zoathe whole products of one fertilized egg (plural of ZOON)
    zooa place where animals are kept for public exhibition
    zoshybrids born toa yak and a cow (plural of ZO)
    3 letter words ending with 'o'
    aboan aboriginal
    adobustling excitement
    agoin the past
    avoa monetary unit of Macao
    azocontaining nitrogen
    bioa biography
    booto make a sound expressing disapproval or contempt
    brobuddy, pal
    cooto make a sound like a dove
    dooa dove or pigeon
    dsoa cross between a yak and a cow
    duoa pair of people
    dzoa cross between a yak and cow
    egothe conscious self
    emoa type of music
    geoa gully or creek
    gooa sticky substance
    haoa monetary unit of Vietnam
    hooexpressing boisterous emotion
    loo a toilet
    mhoa unit of electrical conductance
    mooto make the deep, moaning sound of a cow
    oho An exclamation of surprise or exultation
    oxocontaining oxygen
    pooto defecate; to discharge feces
    pro an argument in favor of a proposal
    rhothe 17th letter of the Greek alphabet
    rooan Australian marsupial (short for kangaroo)
    tao the ultimate principle of the universe
    tooalso; in addition
    udoa Japanese herb
    ufoan unidentified flying object
    whowhich person
    wooto seek the affection of
    zhoa cross between a yak and cow
    zooa place where animals are kept for public exhibition

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