3 letter words starting with 'n'
    nabto capture
    naeno; not
    nagannoy by finding fault incessantly
    nana round flat bread popular in India
    napto sleep briefly
    nashas not; was not
    nata class of spirits in Burmese folklore
    naya negative vote
    nebthe beak of a bird; long nose of an animal
    neda young hooligan
    neeborn with the maiden name of
    nefan ornamental stand in shape of ship for holding cutlery
    neg negative
    nepa cluster of fibers
    neta mesh made to catch fish or birds
    new having recently made or acquired or discovered
    nib the writing point of a pen
    nilnothing; zero
    nip a small drink of liquor
    nit the egg of a louse or other parasite
    nixreject authoritatively
    noba person of high social rank
    nodto move the head in greeting or agreement
    nogstrong ale
    noha traditional Japanese dance-drama
    noma name
    norand not
    nosnegative replies (plural of NO)
    notin no way
    nowpresent time
    noxnitrogen oxide; Roman goddess of night
    nthutmost; extreme
    nuba lump or small piece
    nuna woman belonging to a religious order
    nus13th letters of the Greek alphabet(plural of NU)
    nuthard-shelled dry fruit
    3 letter words with 'n' in middle
    anaa collection of anecdotes
    andadded condition
    ania tropical American black cuckoo
    anna stipend paid to a parish minister's next of kin
    antan insect
    anyone or another
    endto finish or close
    enethe compass point midway between northeast and east
    enga large tree native to Asia
    enssomething that has a real existence
    gnua large antelope
    inkto mark with a coloured fluid
    inna public lodging house
    insplural of IN
    onean individual person or thing
    onsin operations (plural of ON)
    snyAn upward bend in a piece of timber
    unsones (plural of UN)
    3 letter words ending with 'n'
    aina Hebrew letter
    anna stipend paid to a parish minister's next of kin
    awna bristle-like appendage of certain grasses
    banto forbid or prohibit
    bena mountain
    binto store in a receptacle
    buna small bread roll
    canto put in a cylindrical container
    conto trick, or cheat by dishonest means
    dana level of proficiency in Japanese martial arts
    dento live in a lair
    dinto make a loud noise
    donto put on
    dundull brown color
    eanto give birth
    eenan eye
    eonan indefinitely long period of time
    ernan eagle
    fanto cool with a device for circulating the air
    fenlow-lying wet land with grassy vegetation
    finpart of fish that is used for motion
    fonA language of Sudan and Togo
    ginto remove seeds from cotton
    gona gondola
    guna weapon that discharges a missile at high velocity
    hena female chicken
    hina Hebrew liquid measure
    honhoney, as a term of endearment
    huna barbaric, destructive person
    inna public lodging house
    ionan electrically charged particle
    juna Korean monetary unit
    kento have a true understanding of
    kingroup of related people
    konto know
    linto cease; a female unicorn
    manan adult human male
    menmale human beings
    muna man; fellow
    nana round flat bread popular in India
    nuna woman belonging to a religious order
    ownto have as a possession
    panto criticize harshly
    penan instrument for writing with fluid ink
    pin a small slender piece of metal used to support or fasten or attach things
    punto make a play on words
    ranto move quickly (past tense of RUN)
    rina Japanese monetary coin
    runto move by rapid steps
    sana former Greek letter
    sena Japanese monetary unit
    sinto commit a moral offence
    sona male child
    sun any star around which a planetary system evolves
    tan a browning of the skin resulting from exposure to the rays of the sun
    tenthe cardinal number that is the sum of nine and one
    tina metal container for storing
    tona unit of weight
    tun a large cask
    urna rounded, decorative container
    vana large motor vehicle
    wan to become pale and sickly
    wena tumor of the skin
    winto be victorious
    won the basic unit of money in South Korea
    yenstrong desire, craving or yearning
    yinone of two opposing principles of Chinese philosophy
    yon distant but within sight
    zina zinfandel red wine

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