3 letter words starting with 'm'
    maato bleat like a goat
    maca raincoat
    madto become angry
    maga type of periodical publication
    makto make
    manan adult human male
    mapto plan a layout
    marto destroy the perfection of
    masmothers (plural of MA)
    matto pack into a dense mass
    maxto reach the upper limit
    mayto have permission
    meea Malaysian noodle food
    mega megabyte (1,048,576 bytes)
    mem13th letter of Hebrew alphabet
    menmale human beings
    mesthird musical notes in a scale (plural of ME)
    metto come into the company or presence of
    mewto shut within an enclosure; confine
    mhoa unit of electrical conductance
    mica microphone
    midthe middle
    miga type of playing marble
    mila unit of length ( equal to 1/1000 inch )
    mira Russian peasant commune
    misthird musical notes in a scale (plural of MI)
    mixto combine together
    moaan extinct flightless bird
    mobto crowd about
    mocsoft leather heelless shoe (moccasin)
    modone who wears stylish clothes
    mogto move away
    moi a Hawaiian ruler
    molunit of quantity in chemistry (mole)
    moma mother
    mooto make the deep, moaning sound of a cow
    mopto clean with a sponge/cloth on a stick
    mora layer of humus
    mosmoments (plural of MO)
    mota witty saying
    mowto cut down standing herbage
    mudto cover with soft wet earth
    mugto assault with an intent to rob
    muna man; fellow
    mus12 letters of Greek alphabet (plural of MU)
    muxto spoil, mess
    mycfungus; tumor causing combination
    3 letter words with 'm' in middle
    amaan oriental nurse
    amia friend
    ampampere or amplifier
    amuatomic mass unit
    emoa type of music
    ems'M' letters
    emua flightless Australian bird
    impone who is playfully mischievous
    omsmantras (plural of OM)
    smaof limited size or quantity
    ummexpressing doubt or hesitation
    umpan official at a baseball game; umpire
    3 letter words ending with 'm'
    aimto direct toward a specified object or goal
    armto provide with weapons
    bamto strike with a dull sound
    bumof little value; worthless
    cama rotating or sliding piece of machinery
    cumtogether with
    cwma steep-walled semicircular basin in a mountain
    damto build an embankment to retain water
    dimto reduce the light of
    doma title of monks
    elma deciduous tree
    fema female
    gama school of whales
    gema precious or semiprecious stone incorporated into a piece of jewelry
    gumthe tissue of the jaws that surrounds the bases of the teeth
    gymathletic facility equipped for sports or physical training
    hamto overact, exaggerate
    hemto form an edge or border
    himobjective case of the pronoun he
    hmmexpressing thoughtful consideration
    humto sing without opening the lips or saying words
    isma distinctive theory or doctrine
    jamto block up
    lam a rapid escape
    luma chimney
    mem13th letter of Hebrew alphabet
    moma mother
    noma name
    ohma unit of electrical resistance
    olma cave-dwelling European salamander
    pama card game
    pom a British person or immigrant in Australia/New Zealand
    ramto strike with great force
    rema unit of radiation dosage
    rimto provide with an outer edge
    roma male gypsy
    ruman alcoholic liquor
    soma monetary unit of Kyrgyzstan
    sum the whole amount
    tamA tight-fitting Scottish cap
    tom a male cat; a male turkey
    tuma stomach
    ummexpressing doubt or hesitation
    yam a sweet potato with deep orange flesh that remains moist when baked
    yumexpressing delighted satisfaction
    yumused to express satisfaction at the taste or smell

    3 letter words with