3 letter words starting with 'l'
    laba laboratory
    laca resinous substance secreted by certain insects
    lada boy or youth
    lagto stay or fall behind
    lahsixth musical note in a scale
    lam a rapid escape
    lapto drink with the tongue
    larRoman tutelary god
    lassixth tones of the diatonic scale (plural of La)
    lat a broad flat muscle on either side of the back
    lav a room equipped with toilet facilities
    law a rule or body of rules of conduct that people are required to follow
    laxnot strict or stringent
    lay a narrative poem or song
    leaa meadow or pasture
    ledto show the way (past tense of LEAD)
    lee the side of something that is sheltered from the wind
    leg a human limb
    leia garland of flowers
    lek the basic unit of money in Albania
    lesa female homosexual
    letto allow
    leua monetary unit of Romania
    levthe monetary unit of Bulgaria
    lewmoderately warm; tepid
    lexthe law
    leya meadow
    leza female homosexual
    lidto provide with a movable cover
    lieto be in or get into a horizontal position
    ligto lie about, idle
    linto cease; a female unicorn
    lip fleshy folds of tissue as those surrounding the mouth
    lisa Chinese unit of distance
    lit set afire
    lobto throw in a high arc
    logto fell trees
    loo a toilet
    lopto cut off unnecessary parts
    lotto allot or distribute
    lowclose to the ground
    loxliquid oxygen
    loya long narrow spade
    lugto carry or pull with effort
    luma chimney
    lura Scandinavian trumpet
    luva term of endearment; sweetheart
    luxunit of illumination
    luza bone
    lyea strong alkaline solution
    3 letter words with 'l' in middle
    alaany flat wing like projection
    alba long-sleeved white robe worn by priests
    alean alcoholic beverage
    alfan uncultivated Australian
    alksap or resin from turpentine trees
    alleverything or everyone
    alpa kind of bird native to Europe
    alsEast Indian trees (plural of AL)
    alta high musical note
    clyto steal
    elda late time of life
    elfa small, often mischievous fairy
    elka large deer
    ellan extension at the end and at right angles to the main building
    elma deciduous tree
    elsan elevated trains
    flua virus disease
    flytravel in an airplaner
    ilka class or kind
    illmorally bad
    olma cave-dwelling European salamander
    plyto bend or fold
    ulea Central Americantree
    uluan Eskimo kitchen knife
    3 letter words ending with 'l'
    aalan East Indian shrub
    ailto cause pain or discomfort to
    alleverything or everyone
    awla pointed tool for making holes
    baltype of shoe
    bela unit of sound intensity
    cela celluloid frame of an animated cartoon
    cola pass in a mountain range
    dalan Indian dish of lentils and spices
    delan operator in differential calculus
    dola unit of pain intensity
    eela snakelike fish
    ellan extension at the end and at right angles to the main building
    gala girl
    gelto form a gelatinous substance
    gula design in oriental rugs or carpets
    illmorally bad
    mila unit of length (equal to 1/1000 inch)
    molunit of quantity in chemistry (mole)
    nilnothing; zero
    oil a slippery or viscous liquid
    owla nocturnal bird
    pal a close friend
    pola politician
    pula monetary coin of Afghanistan
    sala large Indian tree
    solthe fifth tone of the diatonic musical scale
    tilthe sesame plant

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