3 letter words starting with 'k'
    kasa large cupboard
    katan evergreen shrub
    kaythe letter "K"
    keaa large New Zealand parrot
    kebto give birth to a stillborn lamb
    keda wingless fly that infests sheep
    kefstate of dreamy or drug-induced repose
    kega small barrel
    kento have a true understanding of
    kepto catch
    ket rotting flesh (carrion)
    keya device for unlocking
    khia Greek letter, also CHI
    kidto make fun of
    kifmarijuana like drug
    kingroup of related people
    kipto have a nap or sleep
    kiran alcoholic beverage
    kislife forces or spirits (plural of Ki)
    kitto equip
    koaa Hawaiian acacia
    koban African antelope
    koia large and colorful fish
    konto know
    kopa hill
    kora Hebrew unit of measure
    kosan Indian measure of distance
    kuethe letter "Q"
    kyea private Korean-American banking club
    kyua novice grade in judo
    3 letter words with 'k' in middle
    akaa woody vine native to New Zealand
    aketo endure a dull lasting pain
    eketo supplement with great effort
    okaa Turkish unit of weight
    okea Turkish unit of weight
    skito glide on snow
    skythe atmosphere and outer space as viewed from the earth
    ukea small guitar-like instrumentwith four strings; UKELELE
    alksap or resin from turpentine trees
    arka large boat
    askto inquire or request
    3 letter words ending with 'k'
    auka type of sea-bird
    boka South African antelope
    daktransportion by relay
    eekused to express sudden fright
    eikto supplement with great effort
    elka large deer
    erkan aircraftsman
    ewkto itch
    ickused to express disgust
    ilka class or kind
    inkto mark with a coloured fluid
    irkto annoy
    jaka type of fruit
    lek the basic unit of money in Albania
    makto make
    oaka hardwood tree
    oika rude and stupid person
    ouka period of seven days; a week
    rok a member of the South Korean armed forces
    tskto express annoyance, disappointment or sympathy
    wok a frying pan used in Chinese cooking
    yakto talk rapidly and trivially
    yukto laugh loudly
    zekan inmate in a Soviet labor camp

    3 letter words with