3 letter words starting with 'j'
    jabto poke or stab
    jagto cut unevenly
    jaka type of fruit
    jamto block up
    japa person of Japanese descent
    jarA cylindrical vessel
    jawto chatter at length
    jaya bird of the crow family
    jetto spurt a stream of liquid
    jeua game
    jewa follower of Judaism
    jibto show objection
    jigto dance a lively dance with leaping and kicking motions
    jobto do piece work
    joea fellow
    jogto run at a slow, steady pace
    jotto note quickly
    jowto ring a bell
    joyto rejoice
    juga container with a narrow mouth and a handle
    juna Korean monetary unit
    jusa law or legal right
    jutto protrude
    3 letter words ending with 'j'
    haja pilgrimage to Mecca
    raj dominion or reign
    taja tall conical cap worn by Muslims

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