3 letter words starting with 'i'
    icefrozen water
    icha fish disease
    ickused to express disgust
    icycovered with ice; frosty
    idea European freshwater fish
    idsidentifications (plural of ID)
    ifea tropical African fibrous plant
    iffif and only if
    ifsa possibility (plural of IF)
    iggto ignore
    ilka class or kind
    illmorally bad
    impone who is playfully mischievous
    inkto mark with a coloured fluid
    inna public lodging house
    insplural of IN
    ionan electrically charged particle
    ioscries of joy (plural of IO)
    ireto anger
    irkto annoy
    isha Scottish law term for expiry
    isma distinctive theory or doctrine
    itsthe possessive form of the pronoun it
    ivya climbing evergreen plant
    iwia large Maori tribe
    3 letter words with 'i' in middle
    aiaan Indian nurse-maid
    aidto help
    ailto cause pain or discomfort to
    aimto direct toward a specified object or goal
    aina Hebrew letter
    airto broadcast; to make opinions known publicly
    aisthree-toed sloths (plural of AI)
    aitsmall island in lake or river
    bibto drink alcoholic beverages
    bidto make an offer
    bigof considerable size
    binto store in a receptacle
    bioa biography
    bitto curb or restrain
    cida chief
    ciga cigarette
    cishaving atoms on the same side of the molecule
    cita dishonourable man
    dibto dip bait gently into water
    didto act (past tense of DO)
    dieto cease living
    digto excavate
    dimto reduce the light of
    dinto make a loud noise
    dipto immerse briefly into a liquid
    disto insult
    dita poem
    divan evil spirit of Persian mythology
    eikto supplement with great effort
    fibto tell a trivial lie
    fidconical wooden pin used to splice strands of rope
    fieexpressing disapproval
    finpart of fish that is used for motion
    firan evergreen tree
    fithealthy, suitable
    fixto repair
    fiza hissing or sputtering sound
    gibto fasten with a wedge of wood or metal
    gida disease of sheep
    gieto give
    giga light two-wheeled one-horse carriage
    ginto remove seeds from cotton
    gipto remove inside or inedible parts of a fish
    gisJudo costumes (plural of GI)
    gita despicable or contemptible person
    hicused to represent a hiccup
    hidto conceal (past tense of HIDE)
    hieto hurry
    himobjective case of the pronoun he
    hina Hebrew liquid measure
    hipaware of the most current styles and trends
    hispossessive case of "he"
    hitto strike
    jibto show objection
    jigto dance a lively dance with leaping and kicking motions
    kidto make fun of
    kifmarijuana likedrug
    kingroup of related people
    kipto have a nap or sleep
    kiran alcoholic beverage
    kislife forces or spirits (plural of Ki)
    kitto equip
    lidto provide with a movable cover
    lieto be in or get into a horizontal position
    ligto lie about, idle
    linto cease; a female unicorn
    lipfleshy folds of tissue as those surrounding the mouth
    lisa Chinese unit of distance
    litset afire
    mica microphone
    midthe middle
    miga type of playing marble
    mila unit of length (equal to 1/1000 inch)
    mira Russian peasant commune
    misthird musical notes in a scale (plural of MI)
    mixto combine together
    nibthe writing point of a pen
    nilnothing; zero
    nipa small drink of liquor
    nitthe egg of a louse or other parasite
    nixreject authoritatively
    oika rude and stupid person
    oila slippery or viscous liquid
    piaa membrane of the brain
    pica photograph; a picture
    piea dish baked in pastry-lined pan
    pigto eat greedily
    pina small slender piece ofmetal used to support or fasten or attach things
    pipa small hard seed found in some fruits
    pira Muslim spiritual guide of Indian subcontinent
    pis16th letters ofGreek alphabet (plural of PI)
    pita large hole in the ground
    piumore used as a musical direction
    qisQI, a , also KI
    qislife force in Chinese thought (plural if QI)
    rialong wide creek
    riba teasing remark
    ridto free or clear from
    rifto lay off employees (reduction in force)
    rigmanipulate in a fraudulent manner
    rimto provide with an outer edge
    rina Japanese monetary coin
    ripto tear apart roughly
    rittoscratch with a sharp instrument
    rizto get up (past tense of RISE)
    siba blood relation
    sicto incite a dog to attack
    sinto commit a moral offence
    sipto drink in small quantities
    sira respectful form of address used to a man
    sisa sister
    sitto rest on the buttocks
    sixthe number after five
    ticaninvoluntary muscular contraction especially in the face
    tida girl; a mood
    tieto fasten
    tiga touch; a poke
    tilthe sesame plant
    tina metal container for storing
    tipto give some helpful advice or information
    tisseventh tones of the diatonic musical scale (plural of TI)
    tita small bird
    viaby the way of
    vida video
    vieto contend in rivalry
    viga vigorish
    visa force; power
    wigartificial hair
    winto be victorious
    witintelligence or mental capability
    wiza very clever or skillful person
    xisfourteenth letters of the Greek alphabet (plural of XI)
    yida Jew(offensiveslang)
    yinone of two opposing principles of Chinese philosophy
    yipto bark or cry a high-pitched tone
    zigto change course sharply
    zina zinfandel red wine
    zipto move rapidly
    zita pimple
    3 letter words ending with 'i'
    amia friend
    ania tropical American black cuckoo
    boia lesbian who adopts a boyish appearance or manners
    chia Greek letter
    deia god
    duidriving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    ghiclarified butter
    huian association or a club
    iwia large Maori tribe
    khia Greek letter, also CHI
    koia large and colorful fish
    leia garland of flowers
    moi a Hawaiian ruler
    obi a religious belief of African origin
    phia Greek letter
    poia Hawaiian dish of fermented taro
    psia Greek letter
    raia North African form of folk music
    seia whale
    skito glide on snow
    sria Hindu title of respect
    tai a group of people in southeast Asia
    tuia bird of New Zealand

    3 letter words with