3 letter words starting with 'h'
    hadPast tense and past participle of have
    haeto have
    hagan ugly evil-looking old woman
    hahexpressing surprise, joy or dismay
    haja pilgrimage to Mecca
    hamto overact, exaggerate
    hanimperial dynasty that ruled China from 206 BC to 221
    haoa monetary unit of Vietnam
    hapto happen by chance
    hasto possess (present tense of HAVE)
    hatto provide with a covering for the head
    hawto turn left
    hayto convert cut dried grass into fodder
    hemto form an edge or border
    hena female chicken
    hepaware of the most current styles and trends
    herpossessive case of "she"
    hesplural of he
    hetmade warm or hot
    hewto cut with rough blows
    hexan evil spell
    heyused to attract attention
    hicused to represent a hiccup
    hidto conceal (past tense of HIDE)
    hieto hurry
    himobjective case of the pronoun he
    hina Hebrew liquid measure
    hipaware of the most current styles and trends
    hispossessive case of "he"
    hitto strike
    hmmexpressing thoughtful consideration
    hoato stop
    hoba shelf beside an open fire where something can be kept warm
    hoca card game
    hoda container for carrying bricks or mortar on the shoulders
    hoea tool with a flat blade attached at right angles to a long handle
    hogdomestic swine
    honhoney, as a term of endearment
    hooexpressing boisterous emotion
    hopto jump on one foot
    hothaving a high temperature
    howa method of doing something
    hoxto hock or hamstring
    hoya heavy barge or cargo boat
    hubthe centre of a wheel
    huea colour or tint
    hugto grasp with both arms
    huhused to express surprise
    huian association or a club
    humto sing without opening the lips or saying words
    huna barbaric, destructive person
    hupto turn a horse to the right
    huta simple shelter
    3 letter words with 'h' in middle
    ahainterjection expressing sudden realization
    ahia type of tuna fish
    ahsinterjections expressing sudden delight
    chia Greek letter
    ehsto say "eh" in query
    ghiclarified butter
    khia Greek letter, also CHI
    mhoa unit of electrical conductance
    ohma unit of electrical resistance
    ohoAn exclamation of surpriseor exultation
    ohsexclamations of surpriseor exultation (plural of OH)
    phia Greek letter
    rhothe 17th letter of the Greek alphabet
    shea female person or thing
    shhused to urge silence
    thearticle used to specify or make particular
    thya possessive form of the pronoun thou
    whowhich person
    whythe reason or cause of something
    zhoa cross between a yak and cow
    3 letter words ending with 'h'
    aahto express surprise or admiration or joy by uttering 'aah' sound
    achinterjection expressing impatience
    ashto convert to the remains of a burnt product
    bahan exclamation of disgust
    boha sound intended to startle somebody
    daha Burmese knife
    doha musical note
    duhinterjection expressing patent obviousness of a preceding statement
    edhan Old English letter
    ethan Old English letter
    faha musical note
    hahexpressing surprise, joy or dismay
    huhused to express surprise
    icha fish disease
    isha Scottish law term for expiry
    lahsixth musical note in a scale
    noha traditional Japanese dance-drama
    nthutmost; extreme
    ochexpression to express impatience, regret, surprise or anger
    oohto exclaim in amazement, joy, or surprise
    paha Maori settlement
    pohused to express disgust or contempt
    rahto express encouragement or excitement with "rah" sound
    rehan accumulation of salts on soil
    shhused to urge silence
    sohfifth note of a musical scale
    ughused to express the sound of a cough or grunt
    yahan affirmation

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