3 letter words starting with 'f'
    fada practice or interest that enjoys brief popularity
    fagto work hard
    faha musical note
    fanto cool with a device for circulating the air
    farat or to a great distance
    fasa musical note
    fathaving an abundance of flesh
    faxto transmit and reproduce by electronic means
    fayto join closely
    fedfattened for commerce
    feea fixed charge
    fema female
    fenlow-lying wet land with grassy vegetation
    feuland tenure under Scottish feudal law
    fewnot many
    feyslightly insane
    feza brimless cap
    fibto tell a trivial lie
    fidconical wooden pin used to splice strands of rope
    fieexpressing disapproval
    finpart of fish that is used for motion
    firan evergreen tree
    fithealthy, suitable
    fixto repair
    fiza hissing or sputtering sound
    flua virus disease
    flytravel in an airplaner
    fobto deceive
    foean enemy
    fogto cover with condensed water vapor
    fonA language of Sudan and Togo
    fopa man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance
    forin favour of
    foxto outwit
    foya farewell feast or gift
    frareligious title of an Italian monk or friar
    fryto cook in fat or oil
    fuda rabbit or hare's tail
    fugan airless smoky smelly atmosphere
    furto cover with a dressed animal pelt
    3 letter words with 'f' in middle
    effthe letter F
    efs"F" letters
    efta newt in its terrestrial stage of development
    ifea tropical African fibrous plant
    iffif and only if
    ifsa possibility (plural of IF)
    offto go away
    oftfrequently; often
    ufoan unidentified flying object
    3 letter words ending with 'f'
    alfan uncultivated Australian
    arfa barking sound
    aufan elf's child
    effthe letter F
    elfa small, often mischievous fairy
    erfa small plot of land
    iffif and only if
    kefstate of dreamy or drug-induced repose
    kifmarijuana like drug
    nefan ornamental stand in shape of ship for holding cutlery
    oafa clumsy, stupid person
    offto go away
    orfsore mouth
    ref to referee
    rifto lay off employees (reduction in force)

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