3 letter words starting with 'd'
    dabto touch lightly
    daeto do
    dagto remove clotted tufts of wool from a sheep
    daha Burmese knife
    daktransportion by relay
    dalan Indian dish of lentils and spices
    damto build an embankment to retain water
    dana level of proficiency in Japanese martial arts
    dapto dip bait gently into water
    dasBurmese knives (plural of 'Da')
    dawto dawn
    day24 hours
    deba debutante
    deein the shape of the letter D
    degto sprinkle with water
    deia god
    delan operator in differential calculus
    dento live in a lair
    deva Hindu god
    dewto moisten as with dew
    dexshort for Dexedrine, a sulfate used as a stimulant
    deyan official of the Ottoman Empire
    dibto dip bait gently into water
    didto act (past tense of DO)
    dieto cease living
    digto excavate
    dimto reduce the light of
    dinto make a loud noise
    dipto immerse briefly into a liquid
    disto insult
    dita poem
    divan evil spirit of Persian mythology
    dobto inform on or betray
    doca doctor
    dodto cut the hair of
    doea female deer or rabbit
    dogan animal
    doha musical note
    dola unit of pain intensity
    doma title of monks
    donto put on
    dooa dove or pigeon
    dopto immerse briefly into a liquid
    doran insect
    dosthe first tone of the diatonic musical scale
    dotto make a very small spot
    dowto prosper
    doya beloved person
    dryhaving no moisture
    dsoa cross between a yak and a cow
    dubto add sound effects to
    duda bomb that fails to explode
    duesomething that is owed
    dugthe teat or udder of a female mammal
    duhinterjection expressing patent obviousness of a preceding statement
    duidriving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    dundull brown color
    duoa pair of people
    dupto open
    duxa military leader of Roman Empire
    dyeto change the colour of
    dzoa cross between a yak and cow
    3 letter words with 'd' in middle
    addto combine or join so as to bring about an increase
    adobustling excitement
    adza cutting tool
    edhan Old English letter
    idea European freshwater fish
    idsidentifications (plural of ID)
    odaa room in a harem
    oddunusual; strange
    odea lyric poem
    odshypothetical forces of natural power (plural of OD)
    udoa Japanese herb
    3 letter words ending with 'd'
    addto combine or join so as to bring about an increase
    aidto help
    andadded condition
    arda primitive plough
    badsomething evil; not good
    bedto provide with a receptacle for sleeping
    bidto make an offer
    boda body
    budan unopened flower
    cada dishonourable man
    cida chief
    coda fish
    cudfood chewed again by a ruminating animal
    didto act (past tense of DO)
    dodto cut the hair of
    duda bomb that fails to explode
    elda late time of life
    endto finish or close
    fada practice or interest that enjoys brief popularity
    fedfattened for commerce
    fidconical wooden pin used to splice strands of rope
    fuda rabbit or hare's tail
    gadwander aimlessly in search of pleasure
    gida disease of sheep
    godthe object of worship
    hadPast tense and past participle of have
    hoda container for carrying bricks or mortar on the shoulders
    keda wingless fly that infests sheep
    kidto make fun of
    lada boy or youth
    ledto show the way (past tense of LEAD)
    lidto provide with a movable cover
    madto become angry
    midthe middle
    modone who wears stylish clothes
    mudto cover with soft wet earth
    neda young hooligan
    nodto move the head in greeting or agreement
    oddunusual; strange
    oldliving or existing for a relatively long time
    ouda stringed instrument of northern Africa
    padstuff with soft material
    peda natural soil aggregate
    pod a several-seeded dehiscent fruit
    pudhand of a child
    rad a unit of absorbed ionizing radiation
    reda communist
    ridto free or clear from
    rod a long slender bar
    rudto make or become red
    sod surface layer of ground containing a matt of grass and grass roots
    sudfroth of soapy water
    tada small amount
    tedto spread something for drying
    tida girl; a mood
    toda unit of weight of wool equal to 28 pounds
    urda bean grown in India
    vida video
    wada pile of bundle
    wedto marry
    wudinsane; mentally unsound
    yada handheld pointer used for reading the Torah in a synagogue
    yida Jew (offensive slang)
    zedthe letter "Z"

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