3 letter words starting with 'c'
    caato call
    cabto drive a taxicab
    cada dishonourable man
    caga cagoule
    cama rotating or sliding piece of machinery
    canto put in a cylindrical container
    capto put a limit on something
    caran automobile
    catto raise an anchor
    cawto cry like a crow
    caya small low island
    ceethe letter "C"
    cela celluloid frame of an animated cartoon
    cepa large, edible mushroom
    chia Greek letter
    cida chief
    ciga cigarette
    cishaving atoms on the same side of the molecule
    cita dishonourable man
    clyto steal
    cobthe woody core of an ear of corn
    coda fish
    cogto cheat at dice
    cola pass in a mountain range
    conto trick, or cheat by dishonest means
    cooto make a sound like a dove
    copto steal
    coran ancient unit of measure
    cosa variety of lettuce
    cota light, narrow bed
    cowto intimidate
    coxto direct a racing boat
    coyshy and timid
    coza cousin
    crua vineyard
    cryto express sorrow by shedding tears
    cubthe young of tiger or bear or lion
    cudfood chewed again by a ruminating animal
    cueto give a signal
    cumtogether with
    cupto put into a small, open container
    cura mongrel dog
    cutto make an incision; to reduce
    cuza cousin
    cwma steep-walled semicircular basin in a mountain
    3 letter words with 'c' in middle
    acea fast and well placed tennis serve that the opponent could not return
    achinterjection expressing impatience
    actto do something
    icefrozen water
    icha fish disease
    ickused to express disgust
    icycovered with ice; frosty
    ocaa South American wood sorrel cultivated for its edible tubers
    ochexpression to express impatience, regret, surprise or anger
    3 letter words ending with 'c'
    arcto move in a curved course
    bacbaccalaureate (a university degree)
    doca doctor
    hicused to represent a hiccup
    hoca card game
    laca resinous substance secreted by certain insects
    maca raincoat
    mica microphone
    mocsoft leather heelless shoe (moccasin)
    mycfungus; tumor causing combination
    orc an ugly mythical creature
    paca leather shoe that fits into a boot for warmth in extreme cold weather
    pec a pectoral muscle
    pica photograph; a picture
    rec recreation
    roca mythical bird
    saca pouchlike structure in an animal or plant
    sec (of champagne) moderately dry
    sicto incite a dog to attack
    tec an officer who investigates crimes
    tican involuntary muscular contraction especially in the face

    3 letter words with