3 letter words starting with 'b'
    baacry of a sheep
    bacbaccalaureate (a university degree)
    badsomething evil; not good
    bagto put in a pouch or sack
    bahan exclamation of disgust
    baltype of shoe
    bamto strike with a dull sound
    banto forbid or prohibit
    bapa flat bread roll
    barto exclude; a unit of pressure
    baseternal souls in Egyptian mythology
    batto hit a ball
    bayto howl
    bedto provide with a receptacle for sleeping
    beea winged insect
    begto plead earnestly
    bela unit of sound intensity
    bena mountain
    besthe second letter of the Hebrew alphabet
    betto risk money or property on an uncertain outcome
    beya Turkish governor
    bezThe second tine of an antler's beam
    bibto drink alcoholic beverages
    bidto make an offer
    bigof considerable size
    binto store in a receptacle
    bioa biography
    bitto curb or restrain
    boaa large constricting snake
    bobto move up and down
    boda body
    bogto impede or obstruct
    boha sound intended to startle somebody
    boia lesbian who adopts a boyish appearance or manners
    boka South African antelope
    booto make a sound expressing disapproval or contempt
    bopto hit or strike
    bora neighbour
    botthe larva of a botfly
    bowto bend forward in greeting
    boxto put in a container
    boya young male child
    braa brassiere
    brobuddy, pal
    brrto show feeling cold
    brua friend
    bubyoung fellow
    budan unopened flower
    bugto annoy
    bumof little value; worthless
    buna small bread roll
    burto remove a rough edge from
    busa large motor vehicle
    butcontrary to expectation
    buyto acquire by the payment of money
    byea free advance to next round in a competition
    bysa free advancements to next rounds in a competition
    3 letter words with 'b' in middle
    abaa loose, sleeveless, outer garment, generally worn by Arabs
    abba wool yarn
    aboan aboriginal
    absabdominal muscles
    abyto make amends; to pay a penalty
    ebbto recede
    obaa hereditary chief of Nigeria
    obia religious belief of African origin
    3 letter words ending with 'b'
    abba wool yarn
    alba long-sleeved white robe worn by priests
    arba type of stock trader
    bibto drink alcoholic beverages
    bobto move up and down
    bubyoung fellow
    cabto drive a taxicab
    cobthe woody core of an ear of corn
    cubthe young of tiger or bear or lion
    dabto touch lightly
    deba debutante
    dibto dip bait gently into water
    dobto inform on or betray
    dubto add sound effects to
    ebbto recede
    fibto tell a trivial lie
    fobto deceive
    gabto talk rapidly and trivially
    gibto fasten with a wedge of wood or metal
    gob a lump of slimey stuff
    hoba shelf beside an open fire where something can be kept warm
    hubthe centre of a wheel
    jabto poke or stab
    jibto show objection
    jobto do piece work
    kebto give birth to a stillborn lamb
    koban African antelope
    laba laboratory
    lobto throw in a high arc
    mobto crowd about
    nabto capture
    nebthe beak of a bird; long nose of an animal
    nib the writing point of a pen
    noba person of high social rank
    nuba lump or small piece
    orb an object with a spherical shape
    puba place where liquor is sold to be drunk on the premises
    reba Confederate soldier of US Civil War (Johnny Reb - reb is short for rebel)
    rib a teasing remark
    robto steal
    rubto apply friction
    siba blood relation
    sobto cry uncontrollably with intermittent breaths
    sub a submersible warship
    tab the bill in a restaurant
    tub a large open vessel for holding or storing liquids
    webto envelop with a net-like structure
    yob a cruel and rude person

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